“Our aim? Connect people + share Australia.”

The start of 2016 brought a new vision for a few mates who not only shared a passion for adventure, but also lived for the outdoors. The Adventure Co. Australia started from humble beginnings, with no clear plan in place, purely to share what we loved to do with others.

Whether the adventure is climbing that mountain, crawling through that cave or swimming under that waterfall, we will be there.

Through our combined passion, this project has continued to change and develop. Our biggest aim was to create the opportunity for people to enjoy the outdoors together. This was the fundamental idea that lead us to creating “The Adventure Co. Community” Facebook Group.

This community of like-minded explorers connect online and come together in the outdoors to share the bond of adventure. We host meet ups, small events, camping trips, you name it. If it’s to do with adventure, we have you covered.

So if you’re looking for an escape from that 9 to 5 struggle or you just want to get out and explore in your free time, get in touch.

Join our community and lets start the adventure!