Compression Cubes
Compression Cubes
Compression Cubes
Compression Cubes

Compression Cubes

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These compression cubes are a gamechanger.

Every rider knows how important it is to keep your gear organised, compact, and easy to find. These packing cells will do the trick.

Made of lightweight, durable, oil/grease resistant, waterproof Ripstop Nylon, these hard wearing bags are sure to be the best companions you could ask for.

Roll your clothes and gear and pack them tight into the packing cubes before putting them into your backpacks and panniers. Great for race gear, traveling, at-home storage and more.

Good gear and great organisation can make an 'ok' riding trip an epic one.

So grab a couple packs and use them on your next trip.


Full 4-Pack - Includes all of the below

  • Large Cube - 24cm x 20cm x 10cm
  • Small Cube - 24cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Large Pouch - 22cm x 15cm x 1cm
  • Small Pouch - 18cm x 12cm x 1cm

Large Compression Cube

Perfect for storing t-shirts, pants, socks, undergarments, and more.

Small Compression Cube

Use this for toiletries, tools, electronic devices, chargers, cables, zip ties, plugs, action cameras (GoPro) and more.

Large Pouch

Great for keeping your electronic devices, GoPro accessories, chargers, USB chargers, spare keys, receipts, and more.

Small Pouch

Protect your cards, cash, loose coins, electronic devices, organise loose nuts and bolts