Beyond Pain by Anjelo Rathnachandra

Beyond Pain by Anjelo Rathnachandra


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Want to conquer your pain?

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Beyond Pain is a unique three-part book written by award-winning physiotherapist, Anjelo Ratnachandra.
The first part takes you on Ratnachandra's own extraordinary journey of pain, suffering and recovery. An innocent victim of crime, having been caught in the crossfire of a vicious gang war, Ratnachandra uses his expertise in pain management to aid his recovery and achieve his dream of reaching Everest base camp.
The second part offers his profound knowledge of pain and best-practice pain management, both as a medical professional and as a chronic pain sufferer.
The third part is his successful program that, if followed correctly, has guaranteed benefit.

This book is one of the first of its type, with links to free instructional videos and other downloads, making it a versatile resource. Have a look at the official clinic website at

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