Buying an electric scooter? Here's what to look for

Buying an electric scooter offers commuters a convenient, efficient, and low-cost daily commute or travelling around the neighbourhood and distant places. Ultimately, it helps reduce your carbon emissions when travelling as electric scooters do not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere. Adopting electric scooters in urban areas will save people from time spent on traffic, air pollution, and costs.


If you’re thinking of buying an electric scooter, it can be quite difficult to know which is the right one for you. After all, there are already various brands available in the market from premium brands like Mearth electric scooters to budget-friendly manufacturers like Xiaomi. How do you know which one should you choose? Here’s a quick guide on the main factors that you should look for in electric scooters.


Motor Power

Electric scooter motor power determines your power consumption. Powerful motors have a higher wattage. This means it can carry more weight, accelerate quicker, and climb steep hills, but this also means more power consumption. Entry-level electric scooters start at 200 watts and some premium, off-road electric scooters can go as high as 6000 watts.


However, the right motor power will depend on your needs. A 250-watt scooter is already a great option for daily commuting on flat surfaces and low inclines. Meanwhile, a 500-watt mid-range scooter would be a better choice for commuters or riders that travel on rougher terrain and slightly steep hills. Lastly, premium, off-road electric scooters with at least 1200 watts can help riders travel on any road, terrain, and incline with ease.


In terms of sustainability, remember that electric scooters are electrically-charged, so these motors don’t emit any harmful gases. To further reduce their carbon footprint, riders may opt to charge their electric scooters using renewable energy such as solar panels.



The range is the distance that an electric scooter can travel on a single charge. Riders should consider this factor if they need to travel longer distances. However, keep in mind that your electric scooter’s range depends on several factors such as motor power, speed mode, rider weight, scooter weight, terrain, and weather.


Moreover, take note that battery capacity will diminish over time, affecting your scooter’s range. Lithium batteries can last up to 1000 charge cycles before it starts degrading. Meanwhile, nickel batteries can hold up to 500 charge cycles and lead batteries can hold until 300 charge cycles. However, keep in mind that the battery life cycle also depends on its built, so a poor quality lithium battery may not last that 1000 charge cycles.


If you’re worried about running out of battery in the middle of your trip, opting for electric scooters with switchable battery systems, such as the Mearth S and Mearth S Pro, allows you to extend your range and travel time.


Electric Scooter Weight

If you need a daily commute scooter that you can bring inside the office or anywhere you go, consider opting for a light, foldable, and portable electric scooter. An average electric scooter weighs around 12.2 kg. In general, 13-kg electric scooters are still portable but may become difficult to carry for longer periods.


Take note that your electric scooter weight can affect your rider weight. Light, portable electric scooters usually have lower maximum loads. For example, the Mearth S Pro, a 12.5 kg electric scooter, has a maximum rider weight of 100 kg. Riders with heavier builds should find a light scooter that has the right maximum load for their weight.


To see if a scooter is portable enough for you, try carrying a vacuum cleaner or any household item that has a similar weight to your chosen electric scooter. Even better, go to an electric scooter shop and test the electric scooter itself.

Top Speed

Due to the speed limit enforced by electric scooter laws, looking at an electric scooter’s maximum speed doesn't really matter. After all, the average speed you can ride for electric scooters in Australia is 15 mph (24 kph). Take note that some states or countries enforce lower speed limits.


Buying an electric scooter with a high maximum speed can only be worth it if you can ride it in a private or safe environment. After all, it’s not advisable to speed through sidewalks or footpaths due to the risks and accidents that it can cost you and pedestrians.



Electric scooter prices can range from $300 to more than $1000, depending on the features that you are looking for. However, riders can find decent electric scooters under $300, but these kinds of scooters are recommended for recreational use. When buying budget electric scooters, keep in mind that there will be compromises in terms of power, battery capacity, or overall build of your electric scooter. You get what you pay for.


In this case, mid-range electric scooters may be a better starting option as long as you find a good balance between the scooter’s price and features. Make sure to compare prices from different brands of similar types of electric scooters and see which one suits your budget and needs best.


Warranty and Customer Support

As you start to enquire about certain electric scooters, it’s also important to note the brand’s customer service and warranty policy. How do they respond to enquiries? How can you contact the brand in case of repairs or concerns? How long is their warranty policy and what does it include?


Some electric scooter brands cover 6 months up to a year in their warranty policy. However, brands like Mearth provide a warranty of up to two years for the electric scooter frame, and a year for the battery and motor. Take note that a good warranty policy and strong customer service are good indications of reliable electric scooter providers.


Look for your needs

These are just some of the major factors to consider when buying an electric scooter. After all, brakes, tires, suspension, lights, and maintenance are also some of the details that you might want to consider in an electric scooter. Ultimately, finding the right scooter will depend on your needs. List down and prioritise what matters most when you need to commute. Overall, whichever electric scooter that you choose, know that you are contributing to a carbon-less environment.


Mearth electric scooters empower commuters and communities to adopt sustainable, alternative transportation by producing electric scooters that cater to a wide range of riders. Mearth believes that efficient, sustainable, and fun electric scooters are the future of transportation.

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