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5 Features That Make Evapolar the Perfect Holiday Gift for a Workaholic

By :Andy Taylor 0 comments
5 Features That Make Evapolar the Perfect Holiday Gift for a Workaholic

Productivity is the best present for a workaholic

Workaholics are people who find it acceptable to be obsessed with doing more work. Not much consensus exists in defining this condition, but a majority of researchers agree to associate it with an extreme form of job affection. To some extent, this addiction is rooted in the joy of the results they get. Naturally, hard workers look for the new challenges, more control over reality and the fun of things getting done their way. Time is almost literally money for these people, while any unplanned or annoying distraction seems a catastrophe. Do you think you can give a present to help boost the results and the mood of a workaholic?

Yes, you can. Evapolar is an air conditioner with a few distant features, that make a big difference in performance for every hard worker. It cleans and moisturizes the air which, in turn, stimulates the blood supply of the brain. The relation of productivity to the air quality is straightforward: rising levels of air pollution in the office result in declining rates of overall phone calls made by workers during the day.



Evapolar is compact, yet powerful, delivering the results efficiently, just like a workaholic likes things to be.

- creates a comfortable personal space at work

- actuates better concentration and efficiency

- attractive design

- zero waste of any resources

- another “excuse” to have great relationships with colleagues


How you can help a workaholic friend to find more free time?

Pulling hard workers back into social life is a true challenge. But when you care about a friend or a close person, a wise move would be to provide a workaholic with an instrument for better concentration, one which lets them do more work in the same amount of time and still fit in a social event into their schedule.

The Evapolar personal air conditioner does precisely this. Studies* show that a comfortable indoor environment can increase productivity by 10% which sounds fantastic when viewed from a long-term perspective. In the short-term, a workaholic is geared with a means to squeeze in more time to spend with friends and family. Isn't it a great idea to invest that extra 10% into sharing stories with friends in a bar, shopping, or pampering yourself in a spa salon? Of course it is! (3).jpg


Better networking and better career with Evapolar

Having a comfortable climate tuned to your personal requirements whether it is a private or crowded space, isn’t it a miracle? Save good relationships with colleagues who don’t like to use conditioners. Having a few personal square meters of fresh air sounds inspiring and actually looks inspiring too with the minimalistic design and esthetic lights of Evapolar.

The Evapolar box awakens the sincere interest and makes it easier to get along with colleagues while making conversation about gadgets and wellbeing issues. Some colleagues will be happy to know that the cartridge is eco-friendly and can degrade within just 6 months with zero harm to nature. The geeky ones might want to know about the electrical efficiency with a mere 10W required to keep Evapolar going. Making friends in the office is easier when people share mutual interests.

A combination of the results a hard worker already has and the sustainable life values and emotional connection with colleagues are the foundations for a promotion. Every single moment counts when it comes to the next career step. 

When you do care of the wellbeing of a workaholic

Workaholics possess an addiction to work a little more than the rest of us which we cannot beat. What is possible to do is to provide support and assure that they are taken care of, that their wellbeing is important for you. Feeling loved is a necessary pillar for every healthy human being. But when love gets complicated and learns to speak the language of performance and results, the Evapolar is a matter of making your beloved achiever more satisfied. Overall, health and well-being are above all deadlines and it is possible for us, those who care, to give our own input and influence a hard worker in a positive way. 

Getting better next year, start now

Christmas makes us look back to evaluate results and plan the next moves. To keep up the pace, a hard worker needs quality rest in between intense working sessions, the one key for future achievements, and a comfortable environment at work is another key.

The Evapolar personal air conditioner is that very perfect gift, one which any workaholic will be surprised and happy to get.

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