Why Visit Tasmania

It’s no secret that Tasmania is one of the last true great wilderness areas left on the planet. Dramatic alpine landscapes, wild stretches of untamed coastline, superb old growth forests, flora and fauna endemic to the island; it’s inventory of natural spaces is other worldly. We’ve got 7 reasons why you should ditch your overseas holiday, and visit Tasmania instead!


1.     Over 2,800km of managed walking tracks
When there is over 880 separate walking tracks in Tasmania’s national parks, reserves and conservation areas, it’s hard NOT to be excited by all the trekking possibilities! Whether you’re an experienced trekker looking for the next big challenge, or a seeking a relaxed, introductory walk, Tasmania’s plethora of walking tracks allow walking enthusiasts of all levels to explore the far reaches of the island and enjoy it’s unique beauty and rare wildlife.

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The Overland Track is Tasmania’s most iconic walking track, winding 65km between Cradle Mountain and Lake St Claire. Walk amongst prehistoric wilderness on well defined duckboard paths through moorlands, alpine forests, past craggy mountains and glaciated landscapes, with numerous side trips to waterfalls, viewpoints and summits including Tasmania’s highest mountain, Mount Ossa at 1617metres! Jump on a guided tour, or embark on a self guided journey – the choice is yours!

2.     Legendary experiences that are world renowned
For many Australians, the Franklin is a river that flows deep through the nation’s psyche. The Franklin River, synonymous with wilderness conservation and once slated to be dammed, now provides one of the purest and most challenging wilderness trips in the country. One of the world’s last truly great wild rivers and it forges through the rugged south west of Tasmania, through deep gorges, quiet pools and magnificent temperate rainforest. It’s one of the most exhilarating rafting experiences in the world, and you’ll be hard pressed coming across a rafting destination as wild, clean and unique as the Franklin.

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Jump aboard our 9 day Franklin River rafting journey, voted the best river journey in the world by Outside Magazine. This exceptional journey stays in unique, river-view camp spots each evening, offering the perfect place to relax after a day on the water. Or, Join conservation pioneer Geoff Law on his exclusive rafting trip along the world’s best river journey in January.

3.     Adventure is good for the soul
There’s something special about embarking on an adventure into the unknown and challenging yourself in nature. It’s a type of food for the soul; it lights a fire in your belly and offers an unspeakable adrenalin rush. Tasmania offers some of the most spectacular adventures, so whether you’re keen on journeying into the wildly beautiful wilderness, trekking over new landscapes, cycling along rural back roads, climbing a summit or scaling a ridge, an adventure in Tasmania will liberate your soul!

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When National Geographic selects something in their “Top 50 tours of a Lifetime”, you know it’s going to be good! Which is why our Cycle, Kayak and Walk Tasmania 5 day trip is a must if you’re looking for an adventure in Tasmania’s wilderness. This superb multi-activity adventure explores Freycinet, Maria Island and the east coast by foot, bike and kayak – season runs October to May.

4.     It’s the perfect place to get fit!
We know that exercising at the gym with friends or running along the beach can be fun, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up a little, which is why trekking is a brilliant way to explore nature while getting physically fit! In addition to improving your cardio-respiratory fitness, trekking can lower risks of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, reduce depression, give you a better quality sleep, lower your risk of coronary heart disease, and improve your muscular fitness. Best of all? Tasmania is home to some of the most spectacular trekking trails that are bound to reward in both physical benefits, as well as new sights, experiences and achievements.

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Challenge yourself to one of Tasmania’s finest long-distance walks along the unspoiled wilderness of Australia’s southernmost shores. The South Coast Track is a beach-hopping, 85-kilometre walk along Tasmania’s southern shores that spans over 9 days. The walk offers a spectrum of Tasmanian scenes, from towering rainforests, fatiguing crossings of the Ironbond range, with the empty beaches of Cox Bight, Prion Beach, South Cape Rivulet among the tracks highlights. If you have a thirst for full pack hikes, have excellent fitness and an open, flexible approach to being in remote areas for multiple days then this could be the perfect hiking adventure for you.

5.     It’s affordable
If you’re an independent traveller who prefers to explore at your own pace, in your own time and in solitude, the great thing about Tasmania is that there are a huge range of self-guided treks that mean you don’t have to travel with a group. Self guided-trips can be more affordable than guided group travel, and if you organise it through a trekking company, you can have all of the food, transport and logistics taken care of for you!

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Want to travel Tasmania under your own steam? There are a number of self guided trips available! Trek along the Self-Guided Overland Track through the heart of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, embark on the Walls Of Jerusalem Self Guided Experience through Tasmania’s World Heritage alpine wilderness, jump on an East Coast self guided cycle, taking in Port Arthur or Freycinet while you’re at it!

6.     Immerse yourself in nature
We’ve been operating trips for over 30 years, and if there’s one thing that has stayed the same over all the years, it’s that one the main reason people embark on trekking trips is to get back into nature. Nothing beats fresh air, wide open spaces, the sounds of the wind in the trees and the crystal clear evenings under the stars…. No matter the destination or the activity, there’s something therapeutic about being surrounded in nature! Which is why Tasmania is simply a MUST – approximately 40% of Tasmania is protected in World Heritage wilderness areas, national parks or reserves. There’s no better place to escape the city than in Tasmania

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Flinders Island is one of the most remote locations in Australia, home to a wonderful mix of rugged peaks to climb, sweeping coast lines to explore as well as opportunities to swim in the crystal clear waters of the many bays and beaches. Join on the Flinders Island Walking Adventure and discover the highlights of Flinders Island over 6 days, including a climb of Mt Strzelecki

7.     You’ll never travel the same again
Once you have an active holiday in Tasmania, you may notice you start to look at your future holidays a little differently. Whether you find yourself seeking more walking trails to explore, looking for opportunities to detach from the digital world, or finding opportunities to challenge yourself in nature… one thing is for certain, you’ll be a changed person after experiencing Tasmania’s breathtaking wilderness!

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We have over 27 adventures that explore Tasmania’s highlights, from trekking in the rugged mountain regions, to cycling, rafting and kayak adventures. View our trips and being planning your next adventure! View all trips.